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Our Vision

Access to quality education for every child, every home, and a research-driven methodology that inculcates a lifelong love for learning.

Our Mission: Tap into children’s desire for learning and empower them to inter-dependently navigate their learning journey through a hybrid curriculum.

Our Motto: Experience the joy of learning from the comfort of home.

The Concept MYJO

An innovative self-learning kit for students filled with activities along with learning materials to enhance their joy of learning.

MYJO Smart Schooling offers a holistic approach to learning from home. With little supervision by parents, our revolutionary system can take care of all the educational and developmental needs of children without much usage of gadgets.

Designed with parents in mind, MYJO Smart Schooling aims at strengthening the parent-child bond. It contains a bundle of activities along with learning material developed from a value-based curriculum to help children learn creatively, independently, and progressively.


MYJO KIT has been made the learning at home much easier and exciting, The ideas and creativity used in the preparation of MYJO Kit is very commendable.

I thank to all the staff and management of MS Creative Kids for providing the best way to learn at home through (MYJO KIT). The Kit enables our child to learn more and understand more in an interesting manner.

My child is really very happy to get the MYJO kit and enjoying it. He is very excited with the activity works. The kids learn basics very well with the help of the MYJO Kit. As a parent, I am satisfied with the kit and looking forward to more such new concepts in future.

The MYJO activities helped my child a lot and it also improved his learning process. The Kit items like clay, colors, and sticks are really very innovatively organized and they are helping my child concentrate on activities.

Thank you so much for providing MYJO kit to my child. The kit has brought special Interest in her. Now she is paying more attention to studies and has learnt many things. Alhamdulillah! Within 2 months she has perfectly learnt coloring and different shapes. This innovative concept of learning has transformed my child.

MYJO Kit is the best study box for kids. And I thank MS school for supporting our child in bridging learning gaps

I really appreciate the initiative taken up by MS School. The MYJO kit helped my child to take interest in studies. I am very happy that the kids are enjoying a lot with different activities. The superb efforts of MS teachers deserve a huge appreciation.